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AVARA NATURAL OIL for the mother and father's child

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Containing 108 natural plant ingredients. Which is made very carefully with a harmonious composition so that Avara Oil is suitable for children under 3 years old. Avara helps some of the complaints your toddler often has.

1. Prickly Sweat,

Symptoms that are commonly seen are babies who are fussy because they feel itchy. Before applying Avara, wash your child first and dry using a towel to dry. After that mix Avara evenly. Apply regularly and periodically every day.

2. Diaper Rash,

How to deal with diaper rash is to dry the baby's bottom with a soft cloth. Then smear the skin affected by the rash with Avara Oil. tips for preventing diaper rash. do not use baby diapers that are difficult to absorb fluids and low quality ingredients.

3. Head Crust,

Head crust is inflammation especially in areas of the skin that are rich in oil glands or skin fat glands. The cause of head crust is because the oil glands in the hair are not functioning properly. When the baby's scalp is exposed to dust and dirt, the dirt will stick and form fine scales. Helps to overcome the crust of the head is by applying Avara oil on the scaly part of the skin. Massage the area slowly and gently.

4. Fungal Infection,

Fungal infections can also affect babies. Even babies are more susceptible to fungal infections compared with adults. After bathing Avara regularly on the baby's body while doing gentle massage.

5. Eczema,

This disease is usually caused by allergies. Therefore, avoid babies from dust and animal dander. Avara oil helps reduce eczema pain. Routine balm on the baby's feet and backbone is very helpful in dealing with eczema.

6. Vomiting,

Vomiting in infants occurs due to peristalsis (the movement of muscles to bring food down to the stomach) in the baby's esophagus that is not functioning properly. The cause of vomiting is improper breastfeeding, the baby is put to sleep after eating, and satiety. Apply Avara after the child has vomited. so that children become relieved and vacant.

7. Yellow,

Yellow in babies can be caused by disease or because the liver has not functioned perfectly. Apply Avara every morning and proceed with morning sun.

8. Bloating,

How to deal with bloating is to apply Avara oil to the stomach and backbone. How to prevent flatulence is to wear warm clothes on the baby so that it does not catch a cold.

9. Fever,

Apply Avara throughout the baby's body, especially on the back of the chest and legs. Do it lovingly. Apply once every 1-2 hours until the fever is reduced.

10. Seizures,

before being taken to the pediatrician, first aid spasm gently while gently massage with Avara until the spasm decreases.

11. Cough,

Apply Avara regularly so that the child's cough quickly subsides. especially in the thoracic region of the back, back of the neck and legs.

12. Colds,

Colds are a common illness suffered by toddlers. This is because the baby's immune system is still weak. Apply Avara regularly after bathing and before bed. Ideal 4-6 times a day smear Avara Oil.

13. Diarrhea,

Besides asking the doctor for medication when excessive diarrhea children. Highly recommended to smear Avara especially in the abdomen and tail spine of the child. to provide comfort and speed up the recovery of diarrhea.

14. Lack of appetite,

Apply Avara regularly in the abdominal area, and spine.


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