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Mar 18/ 2021 / By it / in Articles


Marble stone is one of the famous superior products from several regions in Indonesia, various kinds of marble handicrafts have penetrated overseas markets, besides being famous for their good workmanship and the beauty of this marble stone, this marble craft has been around for a long time in some regions in Indonesia, the work of marble has been done in the traditional way, which is known from generation to generation, along with the progress of the processing age of marble has also progressed, by using a variety of tools that are quite modern the results of the process are also increasingly smooth and have more value. This marble stone is now a new commercial form in several regions in Indonesia with various processing.

Although there are many handicrafts in Indonesia, marble handicrafts that have the beauty of making and uniqueness have made this craft a leading commodity in several cities in Indonesia.
In some regions in Indonesia, especially mixed and surrounding areas, there are many hills that contain various minerals including marble, from which the source of marble can be obtained, this is one of the potential natural resources to be utilized, similar to oil fields, marble brings resources to the surrounding community.

There are so many processed marble products, one form of processing marble is various kinds of sculpture, craft forms that are often made include crafting animal or fruit sculptures, in addition to handicrafts and accessories this craft is able to lure buyers with unique results, not everyone is able to make this statue, what else is made of marble, marble itself if we see only a kind of natural stone, but with the work of marble sculpture artists, forms of sculpture have a beauty, seen in terms of texture and processing, this statue has advantages, including the surface shape of the statue made of marble is more shiny, this is the advantages of marble stone, then marble has naturally formed nerves, as well as the nerves in the trunk of a tree, this laden giving the characteristics of marble, and giving the impression of authenticity and nature.

The processing of marble is now not only fixed on sculpture, these marble artists are starting to look for other sources of gold from marble (new innovations), almost all the furniture in your living room can be produced from marble, from the floor to the trinkets other.
Marble stone promises uniqueness, beauty and naturalness, this advantage is the attraction of artists to be able to exploit marble stone, making the most of it.