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5 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Jan 15/ 2022 / By Harry / in Articles

5 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

The average coffee consumption among coffee drinkers in the United States is three cups per day, so that accounts for about $1,100 per year on coffee, roughly $92 a month, and that is for a regular cup of coffee.

But what about the people that do not drink regular coffee? What about them that drink special types of coffee, from a particular country or made with special processes? They can spend way more than average people, and they definitely will. Here are the top five most expensive types of coffees in the world.

5. Saint Helena Coffee

We will start from the fifth. It is the Saint Helena Coffee at $79 a pound. It is said that the great late Napoleon Bonaparte was a fan of this coffee, and he cultivated it on the prison island of St. Helena, hence the name. The island itself is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about 1,200 miles from the west coast of Africa. The logistics of delivering the coffee beans alone can contribute to the high price of this coffee. The coffee itself offers a caramel flavor with hints of citrus, which, fortunately, many people love, justifying them paying a bunch of money for the drink.

4. Kopi Luwak

At the fourth position, we have Kopi Luwak, also known as Civet Coffee, at $160 a pound. It is coffee made from coffee beans excreted by Asian palm civets in Indonesia. The coffee was discovered when Indonesian coffee farmers, who were not allowed to drink coffee from the beans they harvested, chose to make coffee from digested coffee beans that were excreted by wild civets around the coffee plantation. The wild civets choose the best, ripest coffee beans, eat them, and when they finish digesting them, excrete the coffee beans. The enzymes inside the civets’ digestive system help alter the taste and chemical composition of the coffee beans, removing bitterness, which makes the coffee tastes better. The price tag comes from the effort put into making the coffee, which essentially comes to letting the civets do whatever they want.

  1. Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee

The third most expensive coffee in the world is the Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee. It costs around $350 a pound and is known to be cultivated on the sides of Mount Baru in Panama in the shades of guava trees. Why the high price? It’s because of the supposedly great taste and rich flavor, resulting from a high degree of expertise and experience required to create the coffee. Hacienda La Esmeralda itself is a specialty coffee producing company, owned by the Peterson Family. Since 2004, Hacienda La Esmeralda Panama has gone on to win many major coffee industry awards. The company holds a regular auction to offer its farms’ most exclusive Geisha micro-lots, so it’s an expensive and exclusive coffee brand.

2. Finca El Injerto Coffee

The second on this list is the Finca El Injerto Coffee, at $500 a pound. It is so expensive because the coffee is made from rare, rich, and small beans. The grains are washed in a single channel and are broken twice, which improves their quality. The coffee comes from Guatemala, and the coffee varieties they used sacrifice quantity for quality, so they produce less but better coffee.

1. Black Ivory Coffee

At last, the most expensive coffee in the world. It is the Black Ivory Coffee, at more than $500 a pound. It is made from Arabica beans by the Black Ivory Coffee Company in Thailand. It’s slightly similar to Civet Coffee, as they use animals to digest coffee cherries. The difference is, they use elephants to do so. The elephants’ digestive systems break down the bean proteins and provide them with more flavor. It is very pricy because the amount of coffee excreted by the elephants is so low.

All five of these coffees are sure to bring a delightful, rich, and tasteful drinking experience. Try one of them, or if you’re lucky, try all of them!