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Indonesian Woodcraft

Mar 18/ 2021 / By it / in Articles

Indonesian Woodcraft

In Indonesia, which is famous for various cultures has a long history of culture itself. One of them is if we talk about handicrafts made from wood. Indonesia, which is a tropical region, produces a variety of woods that can eventually be used by the people in creating wood crafts.

Wood craft is one product that many people like. This is because crafts made from wood can display natural beauty. The application of wood for handicrafts has indeed become a necessity for many people. Like being used as a collection of ornaments in homes, offices, cafes and merchandise.The forms of wood crafts commonly found in the furniture industry include cabinets, tables and chairs. In addition, we can also see various crafts that are usually in the house in the form of wall clocks, clock cabinets, paintings, photo frames, various miniature items, masks and decorative lights.

Wood handicrafts are also used for household purposes, such as plates, bowls, spoons, glasses, ashtrays, chopsticks, trays, knives, cuddles and more. Of course, using wood tools will create a vintage feel and give a full impression of the value of art and beauty. Furniture that uses wood material is also easy to clean and safe to use because it has gone through a very sterile finishing process. In addition to household needs, this craft is used as an accessory item, such as watches, glasses, wallets, bags, cashing mobile phones, tissue boxes and more. The use of goods with wood materials will be more laden with artistic value. This can be used as a life style in appearance to be more confident. The use of wood is also applied to a company's logo writing to enhance and enhance the branding that is installed on the front yard of the office.

Indonesia is one of the largest timber producing countries in the world. Surely it is not surprising that the wood craft industry can develop rapidly. Many successful entrepreneurs pursue the wood craft business because their raw materials are easy to obtain. In addition, many entrepreneurs also use wood waste to be processed and recycled into unique items with high artistic value. One of the wood waste that is very potential to be recycled is the container that is no longer used by the owner.
Usually most of the raw material used for processing uses teak wood. Fiber in teak wood does have a beautiful and artistic value even though the texture is rather rough. Wood fibers are straight with a slight bend which adds to the beauty of this raw material. The potential for cracking is also very low so it is suitable for various handicrafts.
In addition, there are also craft materials that use Mahogany by choosing trees that have wide leaves because the construction is stronger than small leaves. There are also craftsmen who choose Sonokeling wood raw materials. This wood includes high quality with brown fiber and black stripes. Of course Sonokeling wood fiber will increasingly have high artistic value when beautified using varnish.

Other ingredients can also use Suren wood which has red fiber so that it looks very beautiful. Suren wood is known to be easy to crack, but craftsmen use it to be one part of the beauty of the wood which is processed with creativity and touch of art. The craftsmen also use Sungkai wood and Bayur wood as a substitute. This is because Sungkai and Bayur wood are one of class 3 quality materials. However, this type of wood can be formed and processed into items of high artistic value.