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Woven Headband - Original Rote Tribe Ethnic Motifs - Handmade Weaving - YSA03

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Rote Tribe Ethnic Weaving Headband

Standard size: 144 X 5 cm

Material: cotton.
Hand weaving process.
Not a machine process.


The Rote tribe is one of the original inhabitants of Rote Island in Indonesia, some of whom live on the island of Timor. In addition, the Rote Tribe also inhabits the islands around Rote Island, namely Ndao Island, Nuse Island, Pamana Island, Doo Island, Heliana Island, Landu Island, Manuk Island, and other small islands. Some experts argue that the Rote people previously migrated from Seram Island in Maluku.

The language of the Rote tribe belongs to the Austronesian language family, from West-South-West Malay-Polynesia, which is divided into several dialects.

The livelihoods of the Rote people are farming, raising livestock, fishing, tapping sap, and lontar crafts. Soil that has irrigation is made into rice fields or rainfed rice fields. The main agricultural products are field rice, maize, and cassava, while the main livestock are buffalo, cattle, horses and chickens. The women of the Rote tribe work on traditional fabrics weaving, pandanus weaving, etc.

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