Betamethasone Valerate Neomycon Sulfate - Betason-N Cream for Dermatitis Inflamation

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Betamethasone Valerate Neomycon Sulfate - Betason-N Cream for Dermatitis Inflamation.

Betamethasone valerate is an active topical corticosteroid that has a rapid response to inflammatory dermatitis that is responsive to topical corticosteroid therapy and is often effective in less reponsitive conditions such as psoriasis.
Neomycin sulfate is a broad-spectrum bactericidal antibiotic that is effective against most bacteria associated with skin infections.


Betason-N cream is indicated for treatment where there is a secondary bacterial infection, thought to appear or resemble, among others: eczema in adults and children, including atopic and discoid eczema; prurigo nodularis; psoriasis (except widespread plaque psoriasis); neurodermatoses, seborrhoeic dermatitis; contact sensitivity reaction. Betason-N preparations can also be used to treat infections secondary to insect bites, intertrigo anal, and genital.

- Rosacea, zits, and parioral dermatitis
- Pari-anal and genital pruritis.
- Primary viral infection of the skin (herpes simplex, chicken pox)
- Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation.
- Treatment of lesions of promer skin infections caused by fungal or bacterial primary or secondary infections due to fungi, or secondary infections due to Pseudomorias or Proteus species.
- Dermatosis in children under 2 years, including dermatitis and napkin eruption.
- Not used for external otitis when perforation of the eardrum, due to the risk of ototoxicity.
- It is not recommended to use large amounts of Betason-N cream or large areas for a long time due to the ototoxic and nephrotoxic potential of Neomycin Sulfate.
- Not recommended for pregnancy or lactation.

Side effects:
- Long-term use in large quantities or therapy in large areas can cause sufficient systemic absorption to produce HPA axis suppression and clinical signs of Chusing symptoms.
- Burning on the skin, pruritus, pigmentation changes, allergic contact dermatitis, and hypertrichosis.
- If signs of hypersensitivity appear, administration must be stopped immediately.
- Symptoms can occur severity.


Each gram cream contains:

- Betametason 17 valerat: 1mg

- Neomycin Sulfate: 5mg

Size: 5gr per tube.

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