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Bionect Cream Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt for Cover Acute and Chronic Wounds on the Skin

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Bionect Cream Hyaluronic Acid

Bionect cream is a topical ingredient that contains hyaluronic acid as the main component. Hyaluronic acid is a biological polysaccharide (glycosaminoglycan) which is distributed in the extracellular matrix of most tissues. Because it is hydrophobic, hyaluronic acid provides a hydrated area around and between cells, so that it can facilitate the migration of cells.


Bionect cream is indicated for the management of irritants and cutaneous lesions. Generally this product is intended to cover acute and chronic wounds (abrasion wounds, donor sites, and postoperative incision wounds, first and second degree burns, vascular and metabolic ulcers, and afternoon pressure) and to provide moisture in the wound area so that it can protect from abrasion, friction and drying.

Wounds or ulcers must be cleaned and disinfected first. Apply the cream thinly on the surface of the wound, twice or more in a day. The treated area must be covered with gauze and sterile bandages.

Size: 15 gram

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