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About Us

02 Feb 2021

Founded in 2016, Yulibu is a Southeast Asian marketplace focusing on global sales targets. As Indonesia's first international-targeted marketplace platform, the company also offers opportunities for any global sellers to explore the Asian shopping field.
Along with the growth of Yulibu’s market presence, we decided to concentrate on donate our values to social and humanitarian activities. Currently, our focus is elevating sellers and products from Southeast Asia to the global market.

 Offering an easy and safe online shopping experience for sellers and buyers throughout the Southeast Asia region and worldwide on one trusted platform.
 Providing convenience for SMEs in Southeast Asia to be capable of serving customer needs regionally or globally by persistently focusing on quality, price, and excellent services.
• Being a leading global marketplace from Southeast Asia facilitates customers in finding their desired products quickly and safely to ensure their success and happiness.
 Helping consumers buy goods with a secure payment method option and reliable product quality.
 Empowering sellers to grab Asian marketplace online access with the help of a well-prepared team and website system.

Introduce Our Creative Team

“We are dedicated to developing the Yulibu marketplace that focuses on the success and happiness of our users and partners, building high-quality systems, and scaling a long-term business.”