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How to Shipping Cost Product

28 May 2021

How to Setting Shipping Cost Product?

Free Shipping (Free Shipping)

If you are a seller activating Free Shipping in product costs,  your strategy must be to increase the product price so that product shipping costs can be covered,  this is a strategy to attract buyers with free shipping (postage).

2.  Flat Rate

If you are a seller, the theory is that when the customer only buys one item,  there is a shipping fee attached so that you as a seller do not need to increase the price of the product,  but if they are buyers to buy more goods, the shipping rate remains the same.

3.  Custom shipping.

If you are a seller activating custom shipping, it refers to the delivery of Pos Indonesia services  (Pos Indonesia e-packet, and EMS) where each country is different for shipping costs,  for data you can see the official data reference from the Indonesian postal website.

Next will be a tutorial on how to activate custom shipping Pos Indonesia e-packet and EMS in each country of delivery destination.

Shipping Origin 
Place of Origin of Delivery
Processing Time 
Time to process submissions
Fixed Shipping Price
Shipping costs in this case use Pos Indonesia services. For the data of each country for the Indonesian postal delivery service e-packet and EMS can be seen on the next page.

After all data is filled in, type the template name for the fixed shipping price then save as a shipping template