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Verification Yulibu.com

22 Mar 2021

The Seller/Purchaser shall be the owner of the account and shall only be able to trade on the site under his name. 

Yulibu.com may, in the case of Seller or Buyer, provide to Seller or Buyer personal data of any bank and/or any other document, 

including verification purposes required by third party payment managers and logistics service providers. 

Seller/Purchaser hereby authorized Yulibu.com to use or obtain Buyer's permission to use the site by a third party. Furthermore, 

Seller/Purchaser provides us with whatever we want to verify Seller/Purchaser's personal 

identification with respect to the corresponding Bank/Purchaser's identity. 

For more information on how to handle your privacy at Yulibu.com, please visit our Privacy Policy page.