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Jepara, The World Carving Center of Indonesia



Jepara is known as the Carving City, now turned into The World Carving City. After improving the image of Jepara "The World Carving Center", because Jepara carving products have been very famous and very much enthusiasts art of Jepara carving from various countries. US is the largest export destination of Jepara. The export destination of Jepara Carving furniture in 2015 also increased to a country with 296 exporters, while in 2014 the export value was only 114.78 million US dollars with 223 exporters for 106 countries.

Typical Character Carving Jepara

Jepara carving has its own characteristics that can distinguish the original carvings from Jepara or not. One characteristic is the pattern and motif of carving. Jepara original carving is also seen from the motif of Tassel or the end of the niche where the leaves are like an open fan which at the end of the leaf is smaller or tapered. And also there are 3 or 4 pieces of seeds that come out from the base of the leaf. In addition, the niches also rotate with longitudinal force and creep into small branches that are useful to fill the space and beautify.

The characteristics of the above mentioned are sufficient to represent the identity of Jepara carving. Because of the carving motif there are also by the carving craftsmen applied in various household furniture such as, chairs. table, cupboard, bed or couch, sideboard, frame / glass frame, etc.

Here are the reason why Jepara carving so famous and very liked by carved art enthusiasts:

The first is the innovation of Jepara carving craftsmen

If observed, motif carving jepara must always vary according to the current trend, so the motive is not common as usual, in other words motif carving jepara always change with the times. If the first carvings of jepara most intricate motif (classical), now in the modern era of motifs and carved jepara model made more simple with the aim of further highlighting the minimalist impression in accordance with the model that much-loved today.

The second is the carved look

Views engraving jepara always looks flexible (not stiff) and looks neat so that the carvings interesting and pleasing to the eye. The beauty of Jepara carving never faded eaten, looked at and enjoyed whenever will always remain beautiful and fascinating.

The third is a professional carving engraver

To create a good and interesting carving motif is not easy, the craftsmen must have a high artistic spirit. For that, the engraver requires high skill and diligence, not a few people who learn to carve stopped in the middle of the road due to the time and the process long enough to really master. In addition, the creativity of the engraver is also indispensable to create a carving motif that is always innovative.

The History of Origin Carving Jepara Wood carvings in Jepara produced in places with an already proficient engraver. In The World Carving Center, carving craftsmen in Jepara make the usual shapes and motifs circulating in the market, so the process of making them is not too long, as most of them are very memorized. This jepara carving expertise, obtained from generation to generation of the carver


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