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Why choose Partner?
Help suppliers reach millions of B2B buyers globally
"Buy and Sell Globally" is the vision of We empower goods to travel globally, merchants to trade freely. Authorized Channel Partners share the goal of helping small businesses sell their goods around the world - and in their own backyards.
Sell on
Set up a new store, design your store, post your products, and learn how to maximize exposure
Manage business with smart tools
Diagnose business problems through analysis tools and customer data. Increase product and company exposure by operating with advertising tools.
Becoming an Authorized Channel Partner helps grow your business

High earning potential

Authorized Channel Partners are paid a commission each time they sell an membership or a service offering. There is no limit to the amount of commissions that an Authorized Channel Partner can earn

Marketing opportunities
Authorized Channel Partners will be featured and seen as an authorized partner of by potential clients. The title and recognition may bring new marketing opportunities and leads to Authorized Channel Partners.
Reseller Partnership
Authorized Channel Partners in action


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