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220V Multifunctional 4 cup Electric Juicer Mini Household Automatic Blender Juicer Machine High Quality Mini Juicer EU/AU/UK/US Plug

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We have EU plug, AU plug, UK plug and US plug. We will install the corresponding plug according to the buyer's country, please rest assured to buy

Product parameters

Voltage: 220V

Speed: 29000 rpm

Working time: no more than 1 minute

Power: 218W

Wire: 1.2m

Juice Cup: 550ML Grinding Cup: 240ML, bonus 2 cup

Blade: 3 blade

Product advantages

1. Stainless steel blade, durable

2. Copper wire motor, long service life

3. Easy to clean




1. This machine adopts humanized switch design, and the unique cup side switch activates the safety design only when the switch levers in the three grooves on the main unit are completely pressed with the cup bumps. The machine can be started. When the cup and the host are separated during use, the host will automatically stop working to ensure safe and reliable use.

2. Care should be taken when removing the cutting blade, emptying the container and cleaning

3. Turn off the power switch and disconnect the power before replacing the accessories or touching the moving parts.

4. The mixing machine is strictly prohibited from invading any liquid.

5. The food processing effect of placing 60% or less of the inner volume of the cup in the cup is the best. It is strictly forbidden to fill the food too full, otherwise the motor may be damaged.

6. During use, if the fuselage is violently shaken or the blade is stuck and stopped, please stop it in time to check if there is any hard object between the blade and the tool holder. Continue to use after the hard object is removed.

7. It is recommended to shake the machine when the food is crushed. This operation can make the crushing effect better.

8. When processing juice drinks, if there is a small amount of leakage in the drive shaft of the cutter head, it is normal.


1. The word holder is generally equipped with a grinding cup (small cup), which is mainly used for the crushing of dried fruit foods (such as soybeans, coffee, walnuts, etc.). The cross knife seat is equipped with a mixing cup (middle cup) for processing fluids or lumps (such as vegetables, fruits, carrots, etc.)

2. Add the food material to the selected cup and screw it into the selected tool holder. It should be tightened into place to prevent leakage or breakage.

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