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AVAIL Herbal pantyliner

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AVAIL Herbal Pantyliner - 1pcs

product details:

  • absorbing liquid faster so the surface remains dry and soft
  • soft surface of cotton
  • made from herbal ingredients
  • helps reduce leucorrhoea in women
  • herbal ingredients reduce odor on miss v
  • gives a cool sensation on miss v

pantyliner (green) 16 cm long

for women who experience vaginal discharge  is recommended replace it every 4 hours once do not interspersed with other products

Avail bio sanitary is a sanitary pad manufactured using bio technology, made from raw cotton, high quality and not easily penetrate

contains 17 types of natural herbs that have high efficacy

AVAIL Sanitary Pad

  1. 100% made of cotton
  2. does not contain fluorescent, chlorine, dioxin or other hazardous materials
  3. contains natural herbs efficacious ingredients
  4. produced using bio technology
  5. anti bacteria or fungi
  6. hormone balancing
  7. itchy itching, odor and moisture

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