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Balsem Otot GELIGA (Muscular Balm) 1pc = 10pcs

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Balsem otot Geliga diformulasikan khusus sebagai obat gosok untuk membantu meredakan nyeri otot & sendi seperti : nyeri akibat pukulan / memar, keseleo & nyeri otot pada punggung


 isi 10 g

Cara pakai : Oleskan balsem otot Geliga secukupnya pada bagian yang sakit, lalu gosok secara merata & perlahan. Bila perlu dapat diulang 3-4 kali sehari. Untuk mendapatkan hasil maksimal, sesudah 2-3 jam, letakkan handuk panas secara berkala pada bagian yang telah dioleskan.


Balsem Otot Geliga (Muscular Balm 1 x 10 Gr) Specifically formulated as a liniment to relieve muscle pain, pain due to blows, bruises and sprains. This balm is also used either as a balm for warming up GELIGA from Eagle brand. 

Composition: Each 1 gram contains: Methyl Salicylate 30.00% , Peppermint Oil 18,50% , White Champhor Oil 12,50% ,  Base Ad 100.00% .

Indications : Geliga Muscle Balm is formulated as an ointment to help relieve muscle and joint pain such as pain from a blow / bruises, sprains, and muscle pain in the back. Geliga good muscle balm is also used as a warming balm for athletes (warming up balm).  

How to Use : Apply Muscle Balm Geliga taste on the affected part and rub it evenly and slowly. If necessary can be repeated 3-4 times daily. To obtain maximum results, after 2-3 hours, place the hot towel on a regular basis on the part that has been applied. 

Storage Method : Cover tightly and place a cool, dry place with a temperature less than 30 degrees Celsius.


  • 1 bottle x 10 g
  • Help to relieve muscular pains, join pains , backaches, sprains, bruises, and promoting blood circulation. Rub, massage or knead on the affaire areas repeal until pain is relieved
  • Geliga good muscle balm is also used as a warming balm for athletes (warming up balm)
  • GELIGA BALM it's Best Seller Product in Indonesia

*1 pack = 10 pcs.

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