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Bath & Body Works WATER Hyaluronic Acid Body Gel Lotion 8 oz / 226 g

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A clean, lightly fragranced splash of crystal-clear H2O

Dive right in to nourishing hydration with Water Hyaluronic Acid Body Gel Lotion! Our fast-absorbing formula with Hyaluronic Acid transforms from a cooling gel to soothing water (right before your eyes!) to instantly moisturize & refresh thirsty skin. Wave goodbye to dry skin, & say hello to instant hydration.

Hyalur-wha? If you’re wondering what Hyaluronic Acid is, we’re here to help. Naturally found in the body, this powerful ingredient retains up to 1,000x its weight in water to instantly replenish moisture for smooth, hydrated skin. It’s a skin-saver. And, proof that yes, Water Is Everything.

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