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Baycuten -N Cream Clotrimazole + Dexamethasone for Anti Eczema


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Baycuten N Cream is indicated for treatment of itchy skin, allergic conditions, skin diseases, vaginal fungal skin infections, gastrointestinal diseases, endocrine disorders and other conditions. Baycuten N Cream contains the following active compositions: Clotrimazole, and Dexamethasone. Available in cream format.

Size: 5 g
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Baycuten N Cream is used in the care, control, prevention, & repair of diseases, the following conditions and symptoms:
treatment of itchy skin
allergic conditions
skin disease
vaginal yeast infections
gastrointestinal disease
endocrine disorders
haematological disorders
neoplastic disease
treatment of athlete's foot
treatment of ringworm
itching relief, burning, cracking, and scaling associated with legs, itchy athletes and ringworm
prevention of canker sores
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