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Bodyshape Elevate Product Slimming

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Blend Tripple powerfull slimming agent:
Green coffee bean extract
Senna Leaf
green tea

1 box of 40 sachets

Diet naturally, without exercise but can still be thin.
Moreover No side effects at all!
Because it does not contain any chemicals.
Does not cause dizzy effects aka yo yo
Not make the body weak



One of the coolest ingredients that make BODYSHAPE so powerful at destroying stubborn fats in the body is CHLOROGENIC ACID in its green coffee.
100% natural green coffee extract widely used in neighboring countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Germany etc.
Chlorogenic Acid is reduced 70-80% levels in black coffee that we often encounter.
Why is that ?
Because the black coffee we usually meet has experienced roasting process (roasted) with high temperature and long time until fragrant coffee appears and the color becomes charred.
So you have to be careful if there is a product that claims to be green coffee but has the aroma of coffee as in general. Because the original green coffee his aroma is typical as the stew of green beans.


✅ Lower cholesterol and fat in the body
✅ Lose weight, make slim and healthy
✅ prevent the fats coming back
✅ Eliminate the distended stomach
✅ Cleaning of the colon from feces
✅ Increase body metabolism (fat burning)
✅ Preventing obesity
✅ Launching CHAPTER
✅ Facilitate urine secretion
✅ Increases intestinal peristatic
✅ Neutralize substances that cause hair loss.
✅ Pressing hunger.
✅ As Anti Oxidant.
✅ Anti Diabet
✅ Anti Cholesterol


Sennae folium (senna leaf) which is one of the best herbal remedies in the world.
YUMMY Herb that has been THOUSAND YEAR PROVEN .. !!
This herb is one of the many herbal plants that are approved by the American FDA as the most widely used OTC in America.

Benefits of Sennae leaf in BODYSHAPE:

Lowering cholesterol and body fat.
Can neutralize toxins contained in the body
Can slim down & and lose weight
Can remove the distended stomach due to fat deposits
Effective reducing of soil contaminants in large quantities
Prevent constipation & obesity
Stretching & improving the stomach
Surfing urine secretion (diuretic)
Increase intestinal peristalic
and overcome constipation and difficult chapters


The history of this green tea originated from the Chinese state, which has been using green tea as a treatment supporter since 4,000 years ago. And now nutrition researchers have found that green tea is very beneficial to health. In 1994, even a journal published for cancer experts said that the green tea that the Chinese people use has made them avoid cancer. Recently, new evidence has been found that drinking tea on a regular basis can lower blood cholesterol levels. The history of the Chinese state that green tea began to be used as a drink since 2700 years before AD in the dynasty of Emperor Shen Nung. About 200 years before Christ in the book of Chinese medicinal plants mentioned tea leaves are efficacious to eliminate toxins in the body.

Green tea function in BODYSHAPE:

Control body weight
Reduce cholesterol
Polifenol is useful for Anti Aging
EGCG found in green tea produces histamine and immunoglobulin, which are compounds that include generating responses to allergies.
Antiseptic in Green tea is known to inhibit the growth of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) causes hair loss, prevents dandruff and psiriosis
Helping Treatmen of diabetes
Contestrate blood pressure
Antioxidant Flavonoids in green tea prevent coronary heart disease
Preventing Arthristis
Reduce stress & depression
Prevent cancer
Prevent fatty liver
High content Fluoride prevents osteoporosis
Sunblock natural
Protect nerves

How to use:
Pour 1 sachet + 250 hot drinking water after meals 2 times daily after meals

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