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Dry skin often causes problems on the heels, heel skin becomes rough and looks cracked.
Sometimes the skin of the heel that ruptures cause a sense of pain, but the most striking is from the aesthetic side because the heel looks unkempt.
Cause of broken heel: Broken heel is caused by a crack in the skin which is usually caused due to skin dryness.
For some people, it is very disturbing and damaging the beauty of the foot.
As the skin cracks deeper, the heel is easily bleeding and very painful.
The heel becomes yellowish or blackish and is usually accompanied by dry skin.
Symptoms are accompanied by hardening of the skin that usually appears on the heel sisiluar Treatment for heel rupture: Rub Kanna, a soft cream for dry and rough skin at least twice a day on a clean, dry heel.
Regular use can reduce dry, rough & cracked heels Use pumice stone to reduce heel skin thickness Avoid using open heeled shoes or shoes with thin soles Use shoes with shock absorber soles Do not cut the heel skin thickened with razor blades or scissors Kanna Function Effectively softens and refines dry, crude and cracked skin, can be used throughout the skin of the body, such as elbows, lips or heel of broken leg Effectively prevent the appearance of rough or new cracked skin Kanna Active ingredient is the only product with Soya Lecithin, derived from natural ingredients such as soy protein Lecithin as an active moisturizer is able to penetrate into the epidermal layer of the skin and bring moisture into the cells of the skin cells and smooth the skin surface Excellence Easy to sink in Not sticky or slippery when in contact with the floor Does not cause pain in broken skin rupture Not hot Made from high quality natural ingredients Affordable prices Already certified HALAL How to Use Clean the skin and dry Rub Kanna Gentle Cream evenly until it seep For maximum results, use as often as possible to keep skin smooth and soft 30g
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