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Handmade Batik Muslim Prayer Rugs / Prayer Mat [YS-005]

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Categories: Islam


Beautiful batik prayer rugs with javanese motifs.

This motifs called: 'Sekar Jagad' in Javanese Language. It means 'world flower' in English.

The sekar jagad motif actually originates from the Jogjakarta and Solo areas. Where the white cloth background represents the overlay of the world map. The word "kar" in Dutch means map, while jagad comes from Javanese which means world. The essence of the meaning conveyed by the sekar universe is diversity, both found in Indonesia and throughout the world. then, this batik also displays the meaning of beauty and beauty so that it fascinates anyone who sees it.

This diversity embodies geometric patterned motifs that are repeated by being paired side by side. This implies the meaning of the beauty and nobility of life in the natural world. The appearance of the sekar jagad batik generally has flowery nuances with color variations in each part. The development of this motif began in the 18th century and is still maintained today because it has a beautiful and always attractive charm.

Size: 55 cm x 100 cm

Batik Technique: Stamps (Batik Tjap), Handmade.

This prayer mat consists of 2 layers of cloth: The top is a cotton cloth, and the bottom is a calico cloth.

Easy to fold and put in a bag.

How to care the products:

This batik can be handwashed using shampoo (don't use detergent and washing machine).

  • Ayyub


    Very nice.

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