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Eqinon Hydro quinone 4% Cream for Hyperpigmentation & Melasma Treatment

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Eqinon Hydroquinone Cream 4% is one of our best-selling products in international markets, such as America, Canada, Europe, and Asia. It has been tested and used by many people, and they are all satisfied with the results.

You will get this product at a very reasonable price on our page at Yulibu. A very low price for perfect results.

Equinon Hydroquinone Cream 4% will help solve your problems:
- Treats hyperpigmentation
- Treating melasma

And also gives an amazing effect to whiten your skin and make it beautiful all day long.
Get Equinon Hydroquinone 4% cream now from us: Official Merchant from Yulibu, which has been verified and with a very good reputation.

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You also don't have to worry about the expiration date of this product.

Details about this product:
Net Weight: 15 gr per tube

EQINON is a hydroquinone-based cream with a 4% hydroquinone content.

INDICATION: To progressively whiten skin from "acne patches," black spots (freckles), and black spots (melasma). Dark colours in the skin are lightened.


For bleaching, apply to desired areas of the skin. EQINON should only be used at night, 3 hours before bedtime, after the skin has been cleansed with a cream or lotion cleanser. After 2 to 12 weeks of treatment, a dark tone on the skin will usually turn white. Use only as needed to maintain results once the appropriate amount of whitening has been achieved.


Avoid coming into touch with your eyes. Children under the age of 12 should not use this product. Keep out of children's reach. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid this product.


Store in a cool, always keep the lid tightly closed tube after use to avoid oxidation alone.

** For external use only **

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