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INDOMIE Instant Noodles GORENG JUMBO 129gr | Indonesia Origin

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Indomie was first created by PT. Sanmaru Food Manufacturing Co.
Ltd. in 1972 with a taste of the chicken juice (now the taste of chicken broth) and the taste of the shrimp (now the taste of shrimp broth).
In 1982 Indomie flavored curry varieties of chicken and fried noodles were launchedIndomie is claimed as a healthy and nutritious food by the manufacturer.
This instant noodle product is said to have a variety of nutritional content such as energy, protein, niacin, folic acid, iron minerals, sodium, and various vitamins such as vitamins A, B1, B6, and B12. Even so,
Indomie consumption is too often not recommended, because Indomie contains tartrazine coloring that is not good for health if consumed in the long run.
Nutrient contentNutrition Information per 1 (72gr)Energy 1590 kj / 380 kcalFat 15 gTrans Fat 8 gCholesterol 0 mgProtein 7 gCarbohydrates 54 g4 g fiberSugar 2 g
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