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Indonesian Borneo Agarwood Muslim 99 Prayer Beads | Tasbih | Tesbih | Subha | Misbaha

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Product Details:

Original Agarwood, from Borneo Island (Indonesia).

Characteritics: Has longlife fragnant and the smells very strong, and unique.

Bead size: 0.5 x 0.8 cm

Indonesian Agarwood is currently very rare.

Agarwood is a type of wood that comes from several tree species from the genus Aquilaria, especially A. malaccensis. This type of wood generally has a distinctive dark black color and also contains resin content in the sapwood.

The resin content contained in the sapwood of the agarwood is also well known as a complementary ingredient for fragrances because it has a very distinctive fragrant aroma. This scent is also believed to be a potent anti-stress aromatherapy.

It has been around hundreds of years ago that this type of wood has become a trading commodity from various ancient kingdoms in Indonesia to various parts of the world such as India, Persia, Arab countries, to countries in East Africa.

The limited amount of agarwood in nature, as well as the high demand and interest in this type of wood, have made the price of this wood touted as one of the most expensive timber commodities in the world.

Apart from its distinctive aroma, agarwood has quite distinctive characteristics and characteristics as well. In the wild, agarwood trees can generally grow to a height of 35 to 40 meters with an average main trunk diameter of 60 cm.

In 1994, the CITES convention (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) in the United States stipulated that the aloe tree species A. malaccensis was included in Appendix II, namely plants that are restricted in trade.

  • Sarah


    Original. Thank you.

  • Sami


    Very nice. I love the scent.

  • Ogula


    Super quality!! This is original, thank you for the parcel.

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