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Through a long process of searching for this Indonesian coffee identity, finally born a coffee blend of pride of Indonesia, Java Brown Coffee.Java Brown Coffee is inspired by the coffee blend of Java's soil culture, a harmonious blend of Java Arabica coffee of choice with milk and healthy natural SUGAR AREN. Natural palm sugar perfectly blends for a more delicious, healthy, low calorie coffee taste and is safe for daily consumption

Product Description 

Esprecielo Java Brown Caffe Latte 2X24g Esprecielo artisan java brown artisan javanese caffe latte, with javanese palm sugar. Drink coffee powder with palm sugar. 

HOW TO USE : Hot Presentation: Open the packaging, pour in a 180ml size cup. Add 150ml of hot water. 

Stir and serve. Avoid adding too much water to get a taste of delicious artisan. 

Serving cold: Open the packaging, pour in a 270ml size cup. Add 75ml of hot water. Stir until dissolved. Insert the ice cubes into the cup. Serve immediately. HOW TO STORAGE: Store in a cool & dry place. 

COMPOSITION: Vegetable krimer, skimmed milk powder, palm sugar 23%, coffee powder 11%, sugar, caramel powder, synthetic coffee rhythm, synthetic milk streamer, anti tralcium phosphate.

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