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kakatua tooth medicine

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toothache medicine

How to use
- Pinch the cotton on the tweezers.
- Pour enough dental medicine on cotton.
- Put / swab the cotton on the aching tooth. Repeat usage if necessary.

Benefits Used : to deal with toothache, swollen gums and cleaning teeth from germs

Caution : If in a few days the situation does not improve or even worsens, stop the treatment and contact a doctor

- Glycerin 0.65 ml
- Ethanol 0.97 ml
- Creosote 0.17 ml
- Oleum Caryophylli 0.03 ml
- Aquadest add 2ml

Storage Method : Store in a cool, dry place, protected from sunlight

Packaging : 1 bottle of 2 ml contents
Produced by PT Samco Farma
Indonesian production
Disclaimer Results can vary between individuals depending on various factors such as age, genetics, lifestyle, etc.
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