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Masculine Elevate Health Product For Man

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Main Composition:
- Tribulus
- Maca
- Purwaceng (Pinpinella)
- Stake Earth (longjack)
- Fenugreek


Nutrition in Tribulus beneficial to health including Terrestris is a substance containing saponins (Protodioscin) Flavoid, Resin, Tannin, sterols, Glycosides, and essential oils.

Especially for active ingredients "Protodioscin" and "Dihidroepiandrosteron" is the basic ingredient for the production of sex hormones (Testosterone & Estrogen).

Astonishing that tribulus is not only useful in the affairs of the bed alone. But it turns out tribulus has a lot of benefits for health and treatment.

And here are some of the benefits of tribulus for men or women:
With protodiocsin content can improve the strength and vitality of the body.
Improve the function of reproductive organs. (Very suitable for difficult couples have offspring)
Improve fertility
Boost the immune system
Prevent colds.
Prevent and treat stomach disorders such as ulcers
Helps Improve your diet
Overcoming Insomnia Disorders (Hard Sleep)
Has a positive effect in the production of red blood cells
Helps treat constipation, hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids
Normalize hypertension or high blood pressure
Burn fat and normalize cholesterol levels
Normalize Uric Acid
Help improve the performance of internal organs such as liver, kidney, and uriner
Prevent and treat heart disease
Increase milk production
Overcoming allergies
Fix and improve vision
Lowering blood sugar (diabetes)
Promotes muscle mass growth (Recommended for athletes and bodybuilders)
Increases sperm activity
Overcoming migraine and menstrual pain
Have a positive impact on bone marrow activity, ETC.

✅ MACA ✅

Maca is essentially a plant derived from the Andes mountains in Bolivia and Peru. The tree grows in some of the most extreme regions of the world. This tree is characterized by a taproot that has a number of health benefits. Maca has been cultivated for over 2,000 years. Maca root serves as the root of vegetables and medicinal plants. Maca root ingredients are associated with a myriad of health benefits that include increased fertility, overcoming menstrual pain, increased libido, etc. Below are some of the important benefits of root maca.

Benefits of Maca:

Treating hormonal imbalance and mood swings.
Prevent menopausal symptoms (in women)
Increase sexual stimulation
Overcoming insomnia
Overcoming erectile dysfunction. (in men)
Improve mental and physical well-being.
Cures infertility.
Helps to improve stamina.
Improve the quality and quantity of sperm.

✅ PINPINELLA / Purwoceng ✅ (Viagra Van Java)

Content of aphrodisiac ingredients (generator sexual desire) on Purwoceng make it very hunted men, especially the tourists. The efficacy of Purwoceng as an aphrodisiac and restorative stamina is not only proved by empirical experience but also through clinical and pre clinical trials.

Purwoceng Benefits:

- The presence of STEROL in Purwoceng is able to increase Testosterone up to 100%

Testosterone is a type of steroid hormone that works, among others, increase sex drive, increase energy, immunity and protection. This hormone is very important for both men and women.

- Other active compounds such as furanokumarin, isobergapten, bergapten and sphondin make the central nervous system stimulated to form luteinzing hormone.

Luteinzing is a hormone that serves to stimulate cells in the testes to produce testosterone.

In conclusion, because purwoceng affects the increase of the hormone testosterone and luteinzing, then purwoceng can be regarded as an aphrodisiac, either directly or indirectly.


Fenugreek used to be a traditional herb in ancient Greece. So no wonder if fenugreek now has a good selling point because it has various benefits for health. Fenugreek can resolve the issue on:

- menopause,
- bronchitis,
- asthma,
- reproductive disorders,
- hormonal imbalance,
- Breast enlargement
- menstrual pain
- Increase milk production
- Nourish the skin
- Controlling blood sugar

✅ LONGJACK / pasak bumi ✅
Pamor pasak bumi as an aphrodisiac already known to foreign communities (Anonymous, 2003: 1). Roots are part of plants that contain lots of alkaloids, saponins, and quasinoids (Hasanah et al, 2006: 257).

According to Olwin and Walles (2005: 1), the pasak bumi root is traditionally consumed by society as:

- postpartum tonic,

- anti microbial,

- improve erectile dysfunction & improve sperm quality,

- anti hypertension,

- anti-inflammatory,

- anti piretik (anti fever),

- anti-tumor,

- burn fat

- treat stomach ache,

- ulcers / wounds,

- malaria,

- dysentery,

- aphrodisiac (Libido plant)

Contents: 15 sachets @ 25 grams

How to use :
1-3 days as needed

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