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Meat Mincer grinder manual

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Manual meat grinder

  • Product details :
  1. This tool serves to chop the meat quickly and easily
  2. No longer need to use a knife
  3. Chopped knife parts made of stainless steel
  4. Durable and resistant

the versatile grinder serves to smooth the foods such as onions, kitchen spices, porridge, fruit and other flesh

how to use quite easily just enter the material you want to milled to the container and turn the milling

there are two slabs of different sizes, slab mounted on the grinder's mouth if you want the results of fine grinding can use a small hollow plate

and if you want a more rough grain results then use the slab with a large hole. slab of stainless anti-corrosion ,slab of stainless anti-corrosion

the bottom of the grinder is a rubber sucker ,can be taped to glass or ceramic for easy use so the grinder does not move or move places. In order for the suction rubber to work you have to turn the triangle knob with the player lock ( player key is readily available in the box ) player key can also be used to shuffle the grind

to grind insert the seasoning or meat pieces into the container then turn the grinder, The results of the grinder will come out of the grinding mouth located on the side

place the bowl to contain the grind. This grinder can be removed and washed

  • Material of plastic and stainless
  • What's in the box : 1 x Meat Mincer meat and vegetable grinder
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