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Morileaf Elevate Healthy Product

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Categories: Ear Care



MORILEAF is a terrific blend of Moringa + mangosteen skin (mangosteen)
Some benefits can be obtained from MORILEAF in terms of the world of beauty and closely related to skin health, both facial skin and body skin as a whole.

Other functions and other benefits of morilEAF in addition to beauty, are as medicines. Among them are able to relieve, eliminate and also prevent some health problems of the body, among others:

✅ Whitening & anti spots
✅ Refreshing eyes and brain
✅ Improve the body cell structure
✅ Reduces wrinkles and lines on the skin
✅ Beautify the skin
✅ Streamlining digestion
✅ Maintain the immune system (immunity)
✅ Has anti-inflammatory properties
✅ Increase endurance
✅ Increase body metabolism
✅ Increase natural cholesterol serum
✅ Improves the normal functioning (performance) of the liver and kidneys
✅ Increase or add energy to the body
✅ As an antioxidant
✅ Promotes a healthy circulatory system in the body, especially the circulatory system (blood); and
✅ Provides a healthy feeling thoroughly on the body so it feels refreshed.
✅ Improve reproductive function
✅ Overcoming allergies
✅ Anti AIDS
✅ Anti Cancer
✅ Liver shield (Hepato protector)
✅ Nutrition of pregnant & lactating mothers
✅ Launch milk
✅ Strengthening bones

40 sachets

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