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Nivea Cream

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Nivea Creme Moisturizer skin softening cream with Skin related Eucerit technology. Makes the skin soft and moist.

60 ml

Can be used to face and hand area. Suitable for use by people who want to go for Hajj so that the skin is not dry and dull.

BDF Beiersdorf Hamburg - GERMANY

Unparalleled moisturizer for each skin type, for children as well as adults and for each season. NIVEA Creme provides skin with everything it needs to remain pure, fresh and soft. NIVEA Creme contains unique Eucerit moisturizing ingredients related to the skin.


- NIVEA Creme can heal the legs, on the heels and knees, so that the skin feels supple and soft.
- NIVEA Creme can help restore moisture in our hands after a day of work.
- NIVEA Creme can provide a calming and comfortable effect on the skin that is experiencing inflammation

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