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Varash Classic Booster Therapy is the Saripati of the original Varash Healing Oil.

The level of concentration of Varash Classic is very pronounced. Warm feels strong but not hot to make the body comfortable. Absorption of skin and meridian pathway is fast so that the body's energy increases and the healing system occurs better. Varash Classic Booster Therapy has a booster capability 5 x faster than varash healing oil.

Gives better healing effects than Varash Original.

Who is good to use Varash Classic Booster Therapy?

1. People who have long-standing disease and chronic

2. Unclear disease causes.

3. Disease that does not go away even after treatment.

4. Degenerative disease due to lifestyle do tens of years.

5. Psychosomatic complaints and mental disorders

6. HIV Patients, Cancer, Lupus, Heart, Diabetes & Stroke

7. And anyone who wants to enjoy the aromatic and warmth of therapy as a complement to healing.

Varash Classic Booster Therapy is recommended to be used painstakingly and attentively.

Sincere love in the oil to the body will give the effect of rapid healing.

And in the process of therapy in general

it is recommended to drink 2-3 liters of water / day. And keep the consumption of healthy food.

_ / | \ _ Healthy Greetings flowing lovingly with varash

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