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Varash Oil (Healing Oil) is a health-promoting oil containing 108 medicinal plants traditionally processed to produce herbal oils that contain healing energy from nature.

As for some ingredients from Varash Oil include:

• ashitaba leaves

• Neem leaves

• purwoceng

• flower mace

• Amlaki

• pule

• gaharu

• mesui

• Red ginger

• gongseng meetings

• rosemary

• makhota god

and hundreds of other herbs.

Varash oil (Healing Oil) has been proven to help heal more than 78 types of diseases without any side effects. How to Use just enough to wet the oil Varash in certain organs according to the pain in suffering.

Varash Oil (Healing Oil) functions to activate Chi or Energy body that automatically improve and activate the balance and health of the body.

Chi is the vital energy of life, which flows in the pathways of the meridians on our bodies. Energy that keeps people alive and all organs function properly. If there is a disturbance in Chi then there will be interference in the organs.

Chi energy serves to:

• Improve and improve the metabolic system

• Improve organ performance

• Streamlining blood circulation, enzymes and hormones.

• Improve the body's immune system.

• Warm and or regulate body heat.

• Restore the balance of organs in the body to help cure chronic illness.

• Helps all types of bone diseases and pain

• All stomach and digestive disorders

A good Chi energy balance will create harmony in the body to be able to fight disease.

Treatment Transdermal with Varash Healing Oil

Transdermal is the use of drugs through the skin for medicinal purposes

systemic. A preparation will be able to give a systemic effect, if the given drug can penetrate the skin layer and enter into the systemic circulation.

The advantages of the trandermal dosage form are:

1. Can eliminate the irregularities of drug absorption and gastrointestinal tract

the influence of pH, food and intestinal transit times

2. Drug bypass portal circulation (not necessarily through the liver)

3. Allows constant and continuous drug absorption

4. Use of drugs can be easily stopped

5. Can provide controlled drug input into the systemic system and can eliminate drug surges in the blood.

The transdermal requirement is mandatory ph equal to the skin ph and the molecular weight is below 1000.

VarashHealing Oil Ph 5 with a molecular weight of 200, so highly qualified transdermal and penetration occurs very quickly.

(Varash can very quickly enter the body through the pores of the skin)

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