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Vitacid 0,05% CREAM Anti Ageing Acne, Wrinkles, Papules


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VITACID Retinol 0,05% / Retin A
CREAM Vitamin A FOR:
Anti Ageing / Acne / Wrinkle/ Papules

Netto: 20 gr

Exp date: 18 month from your purchase date.

Effective for treatment:
Anti Acne, Blemishes, Anti Wrinkle, Anti Aging / Ageing, Skin Face Lift Acne, Burns, Chronic Ulcers Of Calf, Scars, Psoriasis Retin.

How it works:
Retinoic acid increases epidermal mitosis and cell turnover and suppresses the synthesis of keratin.
Increased permeability of the skin causing loss of fluid making it easier to exfoliate the skin and prevent the formation of new blackheads.

Vitacid intended for the treatment of acne topically, especially at the level I-III where there are a lot of blackheads, papules, and pustules.

Apply 1 (one) time before bedtime.

Not applicable for pregnant woman

  • Silvy


    Real and good quality retinoids acid. Thank you very much.

  • Royan


    It's still in use, but it's the same tretinoin ingredient, so you have to trust and try it. It's cheaper than Retin-a.

  • amara


    Happy with the delivery and the product. Thank you!

  • KISH


    I'm applying it hard on my acne skin, and it's works, although it hurts. As the dead skin peels off the face, it is getting clean little by little!^^*

  • Ocha


    Low price, fast delivery, thank you



    I am most satisfied that you have been carefully packed well !!!! I was worried about it because it was ointment type, so I was worried about it. I was worried about it, but it was carefully packed with other box materials from the outside so that it would not bend the box. ㅠ I am very satisfied with the product.

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