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Pure Sumatra Benzoin Styrax / Frankincense Resin / Incense - Grade A - 75gr

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This is the best quality of frankincense / benzoin styrax. Ready to burn.
Original from Sumatra, Indonesia.
Sumatra is known as a producing area of the best quality incense in the world
Weight: 75 gr

Even without burning this frankincense, you will know the quality from it's smell.

We shipping worldwide with tracking number via Indonesia Post.
Estimated delivery time is about 15-25 days, depend to the destination country.

Frankincense is dried latex (exudate), produced by incised frankincense trees (Styrax spp., Parts styracaceae; especially S. benzoin Dryand. And S. paralelloneurus Perkins). The dry resin in the form of pieces of white or whitish, embedded in the mass of translucent grayish or reddish brown, hard but brittle, and fragrant taste good. Frankincense is the international trade known as incense Sumatra; the other is the incense siam, more fragrant and produced by S. tonkinensis of Siam and Tonkin.

The new frankincense resin produced when the stem infected by spesific fungi (mushrooms). The resin mainly containing benzoic acid and its derivatives, such as lubanolbenzoat, sumaresinol, vanillin, stirol (not sterols!), Benzaldehyde, benzilsinamat, and fenilpropilsinamat.

There are various types of frankincense, which have a lot of eyes (sap), and there are few, it is also becoming one of the distinguishing frankincense incense expensive or cheap. The expensive frankincense, when burned usually smells like honey and durable power fuel, as well as a strong odor fragrant and fresh.

Frankincense Treatment Efficacy
Now scientists have observed that there are ingredients in frankincense stop the spread of cancer. It is not certain possibility of incense as an anti-cancer.
But once in the tenth century, Ibn Sina, Arab medicine expert, recommends incense as a remedy for tumors, ulcers, vomiting, dysentery and fever.
In traditional Chinese medicine, incense is used to treat skin and digestive problems. While in India, incense is used to treat arthritis. Efficacy of incense as an arthritis drug that has the support of research laboratories in the United States.
Frankincense is used for mystical affair turned out to be based on the results of the study are also capable of lowering bad cholesterol levels.
Research conducted by King Abd Al-Aziz University in Saudi Arabia found that frankincense could lower bad cholesterol levels.
Frankincense, according to researcher Nadia Saleh Al-Amoudi, can be combined with other plant material to improve heart health. However, they have not found a clear way so that people can eat.
"Frankincense has long been used as a medical treatment for a sore throat, clogged nose, scars and burns," said Al-Amoudi, as reported on the website HealthDay.
The study published in the International Journal of Food Safety, Nutrition and Public Health, researchers give incense to the albino rodents and found that bad cholesterol was down rodent was good cholesterol levels increased.

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