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Authentic Wild Kopi Luwak Mbah Djono - Arabica Green Beans 450gr

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This coffee will be deliver to you include the certificate of inspection from Agricultural Ministry of Indonesia under your name.

Coffee type: Java Arabica - Green Beans
Packing: 450gr in Aluminium Foil

International shipping via Indonesia Post with tracking number.
Estimated delivery time: 15-25 days.

We will roast the coffee only after the order received. Freshness guarantee!

Handling time: 1-2 business days.



See about kopi luwak product at CNN Channel:

Or see the documenter behind kopi luwak productions:

If you are looking for the freshest coffee available at a reasonable price, then you have come to the right place. Our coffee is shipped directly from the plantation in Indonesia and comes in whole beans ready to be ground and served in your morning cup. In order to ensure maximum freshness, we don’t roast your coffee until you place your order. Our coffee comes in a beautiful medium roast, which you are sure to enjoy from the very first sip in the morning. This is not your standard coffee from the grocery store, this is authentic, fresh coffee shipped directly from the source. Kopi Luwak or Civet COFFEE is the most expensive coffee in the world with a very limited amount. Kopi Luwak coffee is derived from cherry fruit are eaten by animals Luwak (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) and digested directly. Animals eat the skin Luwak coffee cherries best reds in a state that is still fresh. In the stomach, digestive tract mongoose, proteolytic enzymes are absorbed into the coffee beans, of the coffee neutralize peptisida and amino acid levels. After passing through the intestines of animals Luwak coffee beans removed intact through the civet dung. Once collected, washed, dried, roasted and then brewed, which is yielding characteristic of coffee with a distinctive aroma with bitterness level slightly lower. Kopi Luwak is famous as the most expensive coffee in the world.

Our Location
We are located at Malang City, East Java, Indonesia. Our coffee plantation field is more than 2000 m above sea level.
Malang city is known as one of the oldest coffee-producing areas in Indonesia. Has become one of the largest coffee producing center since the Dutch colonial era.

How Luwak Life in Our Plantation
Luwak coffee production has become the most expensive and exclusive in the world, because of the quantity produced is limited.

Each civet actively consume only the best coffee berry in just 3 months each year. You should know, that the coffee berry is not a main food for the civet. Coffee berry are just as desserts for them.
Of course we can not supply the very large quantity, but still enough for you.

Currently we manage more than 2000 wild civet, and will continue to proliferate. We release them in a very wide area of the garden, which has been protected by a fence. They live and breed naturally there. We let them pick coffee berry that we serve every afternoon. And they never feel the stress because they are not living in a small cage.

Not all coffee berry are eaten by the civet. They really can distinguish naturally, where coffee is appropriate for them, and which ones are not.
For the coffee berry they do not eat, we process them into coffee beans like in general. But still it has a different taste, because the selection process is done manually.

Our Coffee Luwak is pure 100 % Arabica, we get these beans directly from our organic Luwak Coffee plantation and has intensive inspection.
Our coffee taste is smooth, full body, caramely and the character is so rich. Our process is manually, from harvest, washing, drying until removing peel is using hand manually.Our coffee berry for luwak feeding, are taken from organic coffee plantation.

Usually we offer medium roasting, since we find this most effectively brings out the unique flavour of our special, high-quality coffee beans and creates what our experts consider to be the best results. However, we appreciate that our customers have different preferences, and we are able to provide light or dark roast beans to order. Simply choose your preferred roast you like and let us know when you place your order.

Always grind your coffee just before brewing. The coffee has the best flavor if brewed with water with a temperature of 91°C (196°F) – 96°C (205°F).

Our coffee has a shelf life of one year, but we recommend that you drink it within 8 months after roasting. After that point the quality starts to drop and your coffee will no longer be as oily or as rich in flavour.
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