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Nov 18/ 2021 / By it / in Articles



Why is it Important?

During industry 4.0 the development of start-up companies cannot be underestimated. Many of them have created such significant movements in the world, especially in businesses. The needs of technological activities are more than just important for them. The reason behind it lies on many factors, including accessibility, decision-making process, and real-time results. Digitalization is one of the main key that plays a huge role in an industry sector. People using the internet more rapidly, and it eases them from having end-to-end information to collect data from multiple sources. Customer service’s maintenance is also clearer in order to create such smart business ecosystem that saves time and money, yet big improvement for both sides.

Despite of its advantages of the using of the internet in industry 4.0, a great numbers of problems were found in early 2020, even we still cannot get rid of them in this current situation. Pandemic has changed all of the industry sectors, restricted normal activities, and changed the perspectives that many people used to have. All of sudden, people have a look to take into account by struggling more. For the past almost 2 years, being creative and innovative was really crucial in order to stay sane. Rather than only sitting in the corner of the room, handling business is the best choice that people tend to make, even from home. Pandemic is not only about an outbreak, but a huge impact that causes such unexpected results for the middle-class societies up to the lower ones.

Indonesia as one of the multicultural countries, also has faced the same issues. Boundaries are set during pandemic, and they seem so rigid somehow. The fact is that, many people including Indonesians do a 180 degree turn in case of facing new challenges to keep them away from failures. Creativity is not something to choose anymore, but to be trained more immensely. If we see it from different perspectives, we can turn negativity into positivity in seconds. As well as the thoughts of SMEs that might have experienced liability for their offline markets. Yet, their courage stays still, and it is one of strengths that is precious for human being.

Yulibu in a Nutshell

On the other hand, the story of an e-commerce website cannot stop growing better than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic. Yulibu, or well-known as the root of SMEs around the Southeast Asia was built in Jakarta, Indonesia from 2016, and legally registered as a start-up company in 2019. It has many offices that are divided into specific regions around the world, such as Thailand, the UK, and the US. Instead of having liability, Yulibu tends to earn more income for the SMEs themselves. The report, compiled by Harry Irawanto as a Founder of Yulibu “The transaction report during pandemic has been increased up to 300%”. It helps those SMEs in the Southeast Asia to expand their business worldwide.

The characteristic of the business is based on Asian taste in representing its tagline as uniquely Yulibu. There are a bunch of reasons of why the SMEs choose Yulibu as their platform to sell goods massively. Firstly, it is easy-to-use and does not require much effort to register for both the sellers and the buyers. Secondly, it is broadly known for its rare goods that are authentically made in Indonesia and other Southeast Asia countries. Thirdly, the user experience (UX) is convenient because there are specific options whether for languages or currencies. For instance, the users may choose English, Indonesia, Korea, France, Netherlands, German, Spain, or EN to operate the website. We will not get confused since each language has marked with its flags as well. Furthermore, the buyers may adjust the currencies according to their need such as US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Pound Sterling, Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht, Korea Won, Indonesia Rupiah, and Netherlands.

As the early-stage of changing the economic crisis into something beneficial, Yulibu has been nominated as “Best Newcomer 2021” and “Startup of the Year” of ASEAN Startup Awards 2021 competition that will be announcing in 2022. Not stopping there, Yulibu also contributes in the E-Commerce World event as one of the solution partners for online businessmen. It is the greatest event towards e-commerce in 2021. There will be more than thousands attendees with expert speakers who have proven blueprints, in-depth speech, and so on.